Bios flashing problems, 'AMI' to 'AWARD'

Ive got a few of these MSI-6147 boards, now according to the official site these will support a PIII processor with a bios update, however the bios on my boards are ‘AMI’ and on the official site the only bios’ available are ‘AWARD’ ive scoured the web for an AMI bios update but no luck.

6147 bios page

If i use the AWARD flasher to flash an AWARD bios it says i must program the bios ROM first, if i use the AMI flasher to flash to AWARD bios it says the bios file does not match correct size.

ive tried using a PIII 450 and a PIII 550 the board recognises it as ‘unknown’ and it will run but at about 500th the speed of a PII CPU, the PII350 thats in it now runs fine though.

any help’s appreciated :iagree:

Alls good i just used a newer flashing program one that can force a bios flash and although it gave me a warning that it could be the wrong bios it all worked fine :slight_smile:

What program did you find to flash from AMI to Award because I need such a program. Thanks!