BIOS doesn´t recognize Philips CDD4401

I have suddenly problems with burning audio CDs (have not experienced earlier, worked always fine) , I am running on w2k with Award BIOS and MB motherboard, Philips CDD4401 CD-writer. Although testing and burning process (with WinOnCD) of WAV. files works w/out failure, I neither can read the burned CD-DA in any of my CD-drives nor in a CD player. So I thought I might need a flash update for the CD writer. Am I on the right track?

Now, my BIOS doesn´t recognize the writer as a Philips CDD4401 R/RW, only recognizes it as “IDE R/RW 4432”. Therefore I can´t apply the latest flash update because “no supported drive found”. How to change the HW recognition in the BIOS?

Any hint and/or idea highly appreciated.