Bios Doesn`t detects slimtype dvd sosw 833


I have updated the firmware of my slimtype dvd sosw 833 in my Acer 3003 LMi laptop to 833S.VS04 version, because the drive didn’t read any dvd.

Now, the bios of my computer doesn’t recognize the drive.

What I should do?


Find the correct firmware for your ASUS OEM drive and then flash back.

Visit the sticker on top of the drive for the correct firmware.

I have the correct firmware, 833S.VRS3,I think. But I can’t flash back it, because bios doesn’t recognise it. Perhaps,I don’t know how i should do it.

Thanks a lot.

bjkv00, welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Does the drives tray still open when you push the button?

Yes. Thank you