BIOS cannot see drives on ide2!



i have a P4 2.66 MHZ, 1GB RAM … recently my BIOS cannot detect anything mounted on ide2 … i have mount my DVD ritter on ide2(master), & cd-rom on ide2(slave) and my HDD on IDE1 … i have got a new ide cable 2 (40 & 80) … tried on both … bt nothing gets detected on ide2 , whot might b the problem ??


Are the jumpers/cables properly matched for the desired drives as far as master/slave?


yes … dvd writter is master & cd-rom is slave …

faced this problem recently … its was working fine all these years … if i connect my dvd writter as a slave on ide1 [HDD=master on ide1], it works fine …


Maybe you have some sort of IRQ conflict, check them in the BIOS.

Do the drives work without the other one connected?


yes they work …

got a new cable … bt sometimes it detects both drives …


Try the Harddrive as the only drive in the system on IDE 2 . Won’t matter if the jumper is set to slave or master by itself. If no luck, then proceed to the next step. If it works then the problem is the jumper settings on your drives. Also make sure the RED Stripe on the cable is facing the RIGHT side of ALL the drives when looking from the [B]back[/B].

Double check that the secondary IDE Channel has not been somehow de-activated in your bios by hitting DELETE as your system powers up. Navigate to INTERGRATED PERIPHERALS in Bios, and check that your ATA IDE CONTROLLER is set to “BOTH”.

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