Bios bug

Well This is my 2nd post and this refers to my first post

If a laptop’s hard drive suddenly failed whould and the computer shut down Would BIOS recognize the same hard drive and check if its working before POST?

Hard Drive Phycacly broke and can no longes store any data.
Before The shutdown the computer was in hybernation.

Please give me ideas! :bow:

I’m pretty sure you’ve posted in the wrong forum, General Hardware is probably a better place for this. If your hard drive failed while your PC was running I don’t think your PC would shutdown. If you have a bootable CD, such as a Windows install or a Linux CD, boot from the CD and see if your drive is found. Does it appear in the Bios now? What exactly do you mean by “physically broken”?

Sorry For the fact That I posted in the Wrong fourum (sorta) but by fisicly broken (sorry for my typing) i mean like the spinning disk is bent or cracked. By the way I meant Is there a Bug in Bios not with the hardware itself. :confused:

Sometimes, failure in the HDD firmware board can BSOD a system.
The BIOS may / may not detect the HDD on POST so you cannot deduce anything there.
Try a BIOS reset to default to force a refresh.
A Linux boot CD may allow you to query the HDD but that will only work if the BIOS can already detect the HDD.
If the HDD destabilises the system, you will have to decouple it via a SATA/USB adapter.
If you cannot read it then you will need to get good HDD recovery software like EaseUS to repair partitions, MBR’s etc.

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OK update!
I got the full story from the laptop. So one day it was working, and it shutdown. Then it quickly restarted itself and started BIOS (it never does that). It asked me how sould i boot windows. I pressed Start windows normally and got the black screen of death. (If the harddrive was broken then it would show a blue screen of death and it would show the fact that vista is missing). It turned on and shutdown completly. When i pressed the power it just blinked and shutdown, and started itselfup again. It however could be a video card glitch. Can someone help me ?

Also if i connect speakers to the laptop i could hear a tiny beeep. and the screen flashes white everytime it turns on

There are a few possibilities but it is definitely leaning towards hardware failure.

The next stage is the BIOS Beep Codes:
Every system has a pre boot diagnostic that reports various failures.
These are also audibly reported as a series of beeps - the BIOS Beep Codes.
These are a series of short and long beeps to tell you the problem. e.g. one long and 3 short beeps tells you it is a video issue.
The less common beep codes can vary depending on the bios manufacturer (AMI, Phoenix etc)

here is a link to a handy bios beep tool: