Bios asus P5A

I bought an IBM harddisk 46GB (7200rpm) but I had to find out that my bios only support HD up too 32 GB. And that I already had the latest bios there was. Is there anybody who can help me override this problem

I have an asus P5A scoket 7 ali-chipset motherbord

sorry for the bad english

i thinks it’s bettef 4 you to contact asus by email
probably they didn’t continu updating the bios drivers

the latest you can find on the site is 1.07

i checked the german site of asus 4 you, and the latest there is 1.011 i don’t know if this is the latest bios you have, if it isn’t you can download it here

I hope this can help you :slight_smile:

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Well I wouldn’t bother with that german site!
It doesn’t look as if it has been updated for almost 2 years!
I bought my P5A-B nearly 2 years ago and it came with a newer bios than is listed there.
I suggest you try and go to or and get the latest bios for your board there.
They have had the version for my board that supports greater than 32 gig drives since 05/31/2000!
Seeing as theese mobos are not that different get the correct bios from a site that does update.