Have noticed that while my pc boots on the monitor my 3500 is shown as an ATA 33 drive where as in device manager in xp it says Ultra DMA Mode 2

Is this normal ?
Why does the Bios show it as ATA33 ?
Why does it not show it as UDMA 2 ?

Bios has all the PIO and UDMA settings set to Auto and have tried the drive on master and slave with a UDMA cable attached.

Thinking the bios is meant to say UDMA 2 as xp does i have cleared the cmos reflashed thge bios but still it says ATA 33.


Normal for sure… :wink:

UDMA-2 mode gives you max. transfer rate of 33MB/s, that’s why BIOS comes up with ATA33.

Two sides of same coin… :slight_smile:


:bow: Thanks for the explanation between the two. :bow:

I thought things were starting to go wrong whew!!