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Hi. I write this in the knowledge that it’ll probably be moved but…
I am using Windows 98SE, AMD 1.3 chip and nVIDIA GeForce 2 Ti Detonator vid card.I am having a seemingly very common problem while trying to play Black Hawk Down, which is that after installing the latest nVIDIA drivers, BHD refuses to start, throwing me out with “sysdump.txt saved” error message.
I have been told that reducing my AGP to 2X may help solve the problem, but I aunsure of how to do this. I have found the relevant place in BIOS but dont want to proceed for fear of screwing up BIOS. Can anybody help ?

There is nothing you can screw up , by downgrading the AGP bus to 2. It will run quite slower though.

If you want more information about AGP , read this PDF file.

:slight_smile: I have managed to solve the problem by putting the oldest GeForce drivers I could find back on.Strange,backward…but true.Many thanks for your help.:wink:

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:slight_smile: I have managed to solve the problem by putting the oldest GeForce drivers I could find back on.Strange,backward…but true.Many thanks for your help.:wink:

You’re most welcome.

It’s not the first , that some older (Detonator) drivers acutally provide more compatibility than the latest.

My first encounter with nVIDIA. Im not impressed.

I wouldn’t have been either if I was in your position but consider this. You have a very old model, a Geforce 2, it’s not exactly gettin the most attention right now. If you get a newer card, even a GeForce 3 you’ll notice that most if not all of the bugs have been fixed. I’ve been with Nvidia for quit a while now and haven’t run into any wierd probelms like that but your running a new game on an old video card. You’re almost garuanteed to have wierd issues because they aren’t prepared for things that far in the furture.

True.But I had an even older video card before (GeForce MX2) so I was trying to go forward.I had no problems at all with the card or drivers, and then I had big problems. From what i read its a fairly common issue ( do a google and youll find all sorts of unhappy customers ) and nVIDIA are blaming VIA motherboards and vice versa. Its not particularly helpful if youre a techno-idiot like myself. I aged about thirty years over the last four days.And i still have to deal with :

1: My computer shutting itself off mid-way through games of Black Hawk Down (particularly if im doing well) even though chip temp only 57 ( thats OK right ?) and fan at 4367 revs.

2: MSDOS matcli appears in my toolbar every time I start up. i have no idea why.

3: My Windows password keeps appearing, even though I’ve told it not to, plus my computer decides to freeze at that point one in every three times.

:frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a

Is that temperature you mentioned in Celcius of Farenheight. If’s it’s in Celcius then that’s way too f*cking high. The temp should only be around 40 degrees Celcius or 100 degrees Farenheight. As for your other problems that could be many different factors. You would have to post some computer specs for me to determine what the problem is.

I am presuming Fahrenheit. Whatever the standard is …is there a standard ? I am in England…Ill just check my BIOS

Standard everywhere is celcius. Fahrenheit a non-logic scale for crazy people (and they don’t live in England ;))
Nah but seriously, it should say C or F. Or like my BIOS, it reports both temperatures.

57F = 13.8C, and you might get there if you have extreme cooling or keep your computer outside :wink:

57C is too high though, try maximising airflow and maybe add some fans?

Well excuse me for living in the US man. I just wanted to make sure it was in celcius. I know it’s standard most places, I mean for God’s sake I use celcius and not farenheight.

Originally posted by Alexstarfire
Well excuse me for living in the US man.
You’re excused :wink:

No arguing please…I dont want to be the cause of a fight.
Or do I ?

Splendid new heatsink and fan in place, just about to test out by fragging some mothers on BHD. Ill let you know the result…
OK.YOU might not be on the edge of your seat(s) but I AM…:stuck_out_tongue: