.bin's,discjuggler & clonecd



I was wondering if I could safely use discjuggler to write bin’s (safely means: it seems to be able to read simple 1 track mode2/2352 bin’s, but what about more complex ones) And if it’s possible, what’s the use of bin2iso/binchunker ?
A bit of topic but what’s so special about the method clonecd uses to copy cd’s? (Quote from elaborate-bytes : “It writes in Raw mode, which allows it to have total
control on the data written. Therefore, CloneCD will produce real 1 copies of your CDs. No other
program we are aware of is able to do this.”) Euh … eg discjuggler has an raw Read/Write option, CWRWIN has a “Copy RAW Sectors” option , … ?

  • Does anyone knows something about the plextor8220 ‘Raw writing doesn’t work’ problems (in the HW requirements page of clonecd) (It used to be ‘there is a bug in the firmware’ or something … is plextor working on this ? (and I already tried the raw read/write option in discjuggler … i didn’t notice any problems))


If you wanna write .BIN files, I suggest you use CDRWIN. That program has a 100% working copies rate for me.
I’m not very familliar with Diskjuggler, so I can’t tell you the exact difference with CloneCD, but I can say that CloneCD really ROCKS! It copies almost any copyprotected disk, without need of a crack.



DJ has a write & VERIFY option …It’s always ‘comforting’ to know everything went ok before you delete a few 100 megs (
(I couldn’t find something similar in cdrwin but I’m not very familiar with it)