Bing caught offering "negative cashback"



I just posted the article Bing caught offering “negative cashback”.

One of Bing’s most touted features is its ability to direct Web searchers towards relevant shopping results, but a competitor says consumers are unknowingly getting stiffed.

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It’s one of the most screwed up systems (although they promise fixing a few issues). You should be blaming Microsoft. Try it out (as a merchant). This is the old Jellyfish platform modified. I’m not binging Bing, just the cashback interface.
Horrible. In comparison to Google Froogle/Base and I remember when that was just starting too. I’m actually shocked as I would expect a lot more from MS.

**good article though. Just blame MS. The tracking code is theirs.


Anytime I see anything with bing on it I remove it from my computer. Had them on my windows live send me a email trying to sell me something I just logged as junk. If it says microsoft it means rob the little people.


I’m surprised that people are still using Bing. Try researching any given topic on Bing, then make the same search on Amazon. Nuf said.