Binflash support for Sony BC-5550H-01?

I was wondering if Binflash support for the BC-5550H-01 is coming?

Here is the laptop bluray reader in uk for £33.58:



No firmware updates available on sony site.

Can Binflash create an ID file for this drive?

Since it also does not work on other Blu-Ray drives, it is quite unlikely that Binflash will be able to dump the current firmware. These drives simply do not provide commands to dump the firmware.

Oh i see :frowning: I haven’t bought this drive I was wondering if it had support as i’m thinking about buying a bluray reader for my laptop.

I guess the only support I can offer with Binflash is setting booktype on DVD+R DL and resetting the region code - both should work out of the box if it’s drive based on a NEC (or rather Renesas) chipset with the old command set.

Are there any laptop bluray readers that you can hack the firmware to make them multiregion for blurays too?

Multi-Region on Blu-Rays is not handled by the drive but by software. So this is something I cannot do.

Anyway, I have not been able to modify the firmware for a single Blu-Ray drive due to the used encryption.