Binflash - NEC/Optiarc firmware flasher and dumper




some of you may already have noticed some of my allusions regarding a new firmware flasher for NEC and compatible DVD burners.

Now it’s finally done and the first beta is now ready for a public test. Herrie supplied the information needed to access the burner and I did the actual coding (using the fPLSCSI library). Currently we have versions for Windows, Linux and Mac, but remember that only the windows version has been tested at all! The flasher should support internal and external devices.

In order to use this program, you need a commandline prompt / shell and maybe also administrative access.

First you have to call the program with option -scan. This will list all devices supported by the flasher.

Then you can use the program with option “-dump {Filename} {Device}” to dump your current firmware to a file, just in case something goes wrong.

If you want to flash your drive, you can do so by calling the program with options “-flash {Filename} {Device}” similar to the -dump option. After a few seconds, flashing should be done. In order to be able to burn discs again, you may need to reboot your PC. For external enclosures turning off and back on again should also do the trick.

Remember that this program was not written by NEC and still may have severe errors that can damage your drive. So use this program at your own risk and read the disclaimer!

You may use the option -v to get a little bit more output what the program is currently doing.
The option -s skips the disclaimer if you already read and accepted it before.

Comments and especially error reports are highly welcome. Just post your replies in this topic.

In order to not forget the most important part - how to get this program - here is the link to the Binflash website:

For Windows users who are unfamiliar with the commandline, there’s also a version with a graphical user interface (GUI) available.

Have fun with this flasher!


Any progress with the 3500 2.77 fw?
I keep on getting error: image type mismatch


You may try to flash with the new windows flasher with the bin file I mailed you. It should work with this firmware. Don’t know what is checked exactly that you get this error with the other flasher.


Nice work Liggy :slight_smile: :iagree:


Don’t forget my information supplier and alpha tester Herrie :smiley:


And Herrie of course :bow:

Your both stars :slight_smile:


Thanks Liggy, Herrie:smiley:

Gona try it out right now. BTW, binfile 2.77 woul be nice to test. :cool:


I get errors: Cannot run this program in DOS mode.
I tried names as NEC3X00 3X00a 3X00ag,… none work. Can someone just provide me with a windowsflasher for the 3500 (NEC) and the 2.77f/w.


Liggy, Herrie,

Thanks for all the work done so far. I tested Herrie’s firmware for the NEC-3500A with Ritek support but now it’s up to Herrie to release this version to the public. I will then flash that firmware with this new tool.

Great work!


They would do that if they had one but it is going to take a little time for them to make it work. Be patient and it will all work out. If you email me the 2.77.bin that Liggy provided you I will flash mine and give you the command line you need for a Dos flash.



I tried to scan and I get a buffer overrun error.


scan works great overhere, but I don’t return to the prompt. It returns to a black line. Is this the place where I can give futher options or quit?


On XP open DOS prompt
Navigate to where the flasher and BIN file are stored
then type
necflash -scan
that will show you where your NEC is connected (IDE Channel mas/slave)

for example E:

to flash using that example and 2.77 BIN type the following

necflash -flash tdk16n_2.77.bin E:

PS I have flashed with that TDK firmware and doing a burn/scan at the moment


This windows flasher should be run in a windows command shell. NOT real DOS mode! Start->(All) Programs->(Accessories)->Commandline (or something similar. Depending on language and windows version)


crazy shit
so I can now flash in cmd (dos emulation)


@ScorpioSoft and everyone else who runs into problems:

I can only try to find the errors, when you use the -v switch and give me the output that’s generated - at least the last few lines.
Since I only have a 2500 myself, I can only test the flasher with this drive myself!

For everyone who has the exefile of the TDK 2.77 firmware, you just need to cut the first 53248 Bytes in order to get a working bin-firmware


scan with ND-3500A@ TDK1616N 2.77 firmware, Flashed with Liggys NECFLASH

The media is FUJIFILM03 -R, very poor the batch i have and i won’t be buying them again. The burn and scan is much the same as the original ND-3500A firmware.


Should be easier for most users. Maybe I will also build a DOS32 version during the next few days.


hey liggy, I don’t get any output, just a windows popup stating biffer over run.


OK, got it.
How I did it
I opened cmd, then press the location of the NECFlash.exe for example C:\NECFlash.exe -scan. Then you see the letter given to your writer, then enter c:\NECFlash.exe -flash :\TDK16n_2.77.bin F:

If the files are on another partition you fill in other letters.
Gonna burn a RICOHJPNR02 at 16X now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: