Binflash 1.21a & nec 3550a problem


I try to flash a nec 3550a to 105_rcp1 but binflash gives an error invalid firmware file. Even when i dump the original firmware to a file binflash does’nt want to read the file. Binflash works ok with order nec files but not with the 3550. Does somebody have a clue??

Sorry. This was caused by a bug in Binflash. Please try the latest 1.22 version.

Always nice if a post is deleted without any reason… :eek:


It works fine now.


What post are you talking about?

I was the first to respond to his question but that post is been deleted by someone :confused:

I have no idea what happened to your post. Usually these posts are only “soft-deleted” and I could still see it, but nothing is here and Dee just confirmed that she didn’t delete anything either.

So either you made a mistake when posting, posted in the wrong thread or it was deleted by someone else. Maybe it was an offtopic-post?

Doesn’t matter. You fixed it by releasing the 1.22 version :bow: