Binary Plextor Firmwares 950 SA & Plextor 950 LB needed

Hello all,

i bought a new LiteOn IHBS112 Drive and a used LiteOn IHBS 212 and i want to reflash them to a
Plextor 950 SA & Plextor 950 LB SA. To check my burns of for Quality.

Is it possible, that someone Uploads me the Binary Files of the last Plextor Firmwares from those drives?
I already downloaded the Original Firmware from Plextor, but i can`t Flash them to the Lite On Drives.

Please help…
Or Maybe a Downloadlink or a URL to download?


Here’s the PX-B950SA firmware 1.04:

If you use the hacked flasher ensure you are flashing the correct drive in the pull down menu!

Thank you very much Oinker. :slight_smile:

I hope to get the the PX-LB950SA too…


For the LB the first generaion firmware 1.03 is available here:

You can then update to second generation firmware 1.04 either with the exe available there or via PlexUtilities.

Thank you very much for your afford Oinker. :+1:

But the Firmware is still cryted and packed into a Exe-File.
So i can`t Flash it.

I found Firmware 1.01 from the Plextor PX-950LB UE as Binary.
Is it possible to Flash this one to the IHBS 212 and then update to 1.04 ?


Oh, my bad. Thought it’d be a bin in the zip. Sorry.