Binary Firmware for DVD Hitachi GD7500?

Hi there,

I am looking for the binary form of the firmware for the hitachi GD7500 DVD drive…
Indeed, my computer power supply went wrong and delivered strange voltages to my drives, which resulted in a lost of firmware (strange isn’t it ?).
I have already downloaded the firmware upgrade utilities from but they won’t work since they are looking for a drive called GD7500 before flashing (and remember : my drive as no good firmware, so that it’s name now is H@T@C@I@G@D@7@0@ – stands for Hitachi GD7500-- as recognized by the bios)

Then, I hope I could flash it again with mktflash

Thank’s for any help. If anyone has this drive, I would be very thankful to him if he could backup his firmware and send it to me.

Are you sure that this drive works with mtkflash? It looks like it does…

How does one know if a drive can be flashed with mtkflash ? Is it specific to a special Integrated Circuit [IC] ?

Since I can open my drive, I can see if a special IC is inside …

Anyway, let’s suppose that a friend of mine has the same drive. How can he read and save his firmware ?


There is no way to flash the drive with mtkflash.

I used it in order to read the old firmware, but it failed.

I think it’s a dead drive.

i know old post but i got this drive :slight_smile:
and im ready to throw it away :stuck_out_tongue: its a old piece of c(ake) :slight_smile:

try here