Binary files

xxxxxxxxxcan anyone tell me how to open .bin and .cue files after downloading a game for days. I was told to burn the files onto a disc which I did but the thing did not open up on my computer. windows xp etc. HELP PLEASE

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Hi, if the file was downloaded without any errors, you should be able to open it with Isobuster. By the way, make sure you are careful with these P2P apps as much of the content is illegal to download. The only reason I mention this is I saw you were asking in another thread.

.bin and .cue pairs are files to be burnt to a CD.

Nero or many other burning programs will do this just fine.

In Nero, choose to burn from image, and then pick the .CUE file which will load the .BIN file automatically and begin burning.

I also assume this is a LEGAL .bin/.cue you’re burning. ahem

Thank you very much for the help. I will give it a try. So how do I know that it is legal. I have a membership with Multimedia Reactor and they linked me to ShareOrama where I found Fifa 2005 and downloaded it. Is there a way of knowing that this is legal or not? I would appreciate your answer as soon as possible.

Ok, we tried to keep you on the legal path as long as we could, but downloading copyrighted materials such as FIFA is considered illegal.

No illegal downloads may be discussed on this forum. As a result, I will now have to close this thread and issue a warning!

Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules! For discussions on legal matters you can search this forum, there are many discussions on this subject here.