Binary Files & Video Editing

Firstly, does anyone know what software I need to convert binary files into DVD files? I have a video that has been recorded or converted in .bin format, but I am not sure how to burn this to a DVD or convert it to DVD files.

Secondly, can anyone recommend some user-friendly video editing software. I want to be able to improve the quality of some of my videos to DVD quality, if that is even possible. I am currently using Blaze Media Pro 5.20, but it is very slow on a system running a 2.4GHz CPU with 1 GB of RAM. Is there some thing better?

If you search , you will find numerous software, guides, and tutorials that will answer all of your questions. As for the user friendly software, Circuit City has Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus DV Software $10 . This is a pretty good software for a beginner.

If you’ve got a .bin file then , assuming it’s a movie, it’s either a VCD or SVCD. In which case you just burn it to a CD. There really is no point trying to convert to DVD as the quality will be the same as on the CD.

There are many apps that would do this, I tend to use DVD Decrypter for burning any image files (such as this). Go to & search for this app.

Thanks for that. I will give it a try.