BIN or ISO to DVD to nero

I have a movie in the form of .BIN or .ISO files. The whole thing is 790MB or so. How can I turn this into a DVD that I can play on a home DVD player that I burn in NERO? I dont have the Nero conversion software so I am asking if anyone knows another way to do this?

How did you create that ISO file? What type of movie it contains exactly?

I did not create the movie. It is of my friend’s family function. His son took it off the DV cam and burnt it to a DVD as an iso or bin file (I dont have the files yet). Now when I get the data DVD I want to rip the files and then burn the disc a VIDEO DVD so I can play it on my TV.

Usually an ISO file can be opened with winRAR and files can be extracted on hard disc without problems.

Take a look here to find some tools to convert DV video into DVD. Some tools are free :slight_smile:

The file I have is a 779MB .BIN file. How do I uncompress (?) it or get it onto a video DVD

You can probably just burn this to a 700mb CD-R - yes it will fit - and play it as a VCD or SVCD on your player.

How do I go from an ISO to a format that is able to burnt as a VCD?

I guess that I was assuming that if the movie was in a .bin format and less than 800mb that it would be a CD image & typically something of that size would be a VCD or SVCD movie.

If you haven’t actually got the thing yet it’s hard to take this very much further without a lot of speculation that may just confuse the situation, which is what I might have already done.

When you get the DVD and you’ve got a .bin or .iso file then these can be mounted on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools. You can then look at the contents with Explorer. At that point you tell us what you’ve got & we can take it from there.
As already mentioned you could also use Winrar to open & examine an ISO image.

Ok, I have a 790MB .BIN file which I want to convert to something like an AVI to then burn as a VCD with Nero.

But what’s inside the .bin file?

Install Daemon Tools or Nero’s virtual drive & mount that image & view the contents with Explorer.