Bin or cue to convert to avi



Now i have a bin file that Nero will not convert…to DVD or avi for that matter…any suggestions to a converter…i’ve googled and saw a couple i just wanted more of a friends reccomendation first…



Use Daemon Tools to mount the bin/cue file on a virtual drive, then use Nero or WinAVI Video Convertor to convert to DVD format, burn, enjoy.

Note: Do you know what format the bin/cue file is supposed to be in? After you mount it on a virtual drive, you may find out that it is already in DVD format, if so, simply use CloneDVD, or whatever you use to burn DVDs with, and burn it as you would a DVD you have ripped to your hard drive.


oh god i feel so dumb now…I totally forgot to use WIN avi…:smiley: thanks …guess my newness is showing…