Bin. on standalone dvd player

Hello all, i have some bin. files that i can currently watch on my PC using the Videolan player. I was wondering if there is a way to turn these files intp dvd format in order to watch them on a DVD player. The bin. files do not have cue. files unless they are built into the bin. Basically i have a 3 part movie broken down into 3 bin. files and i want to watch them on my standalone dvd player. Any suggestions?

You need to extract the MPG file from the BIN files, then author them. Have a read in the Tutorial section on how to burn VCD & SVCD mpegs to DVDR’s.

what program can i use to extract that from a bin?
At the end of all this i will be able to watch the bin file as a Dvd movie on a standalone dvd player?

CM i was trying to follow your tutorial about the movie but im a bit stumped because the movie is split into 3 bins. I used isobuster to extract mpegs from all 3, then i used mpeg joiner to combine them. TMPGEN could not support the new larger file for some reason but could read the 3 smaller ones. Any suggestions on how to combine the 3 bins and then use your tutorial with that file?

Simply dont use mpeg joiner, you could try MPEG2VCR though, it does work. But really no need to, just reauthor the 3 into DVDLab, let it fix the audio, then just link the end of the first to the start of the second. Its all explained at DVDLabs site tutorial Linked from mine), even with pictures so you cant go wrong.

ok thanks i will try that =)

CM one last thing, do i re-author the three bins using the tutorial you have linked on the forums here and then use DVDlab to join them and add titles and such? Or the other way around?

Follow the tutorial for the extracted MPEG files, there is almost nothing you can do with the BIN files as they are.

DVDLab can make a menu for you to link to each movie if you wish. Run the program and check out its capabilities, they have a 30day fully funtional demo so go for it.