Bin Laden humor

in an attempt to bring more topics in this part of the forum I would like to start this one. It is not intended to offend anyone, especially not the victims of the horrible disaster from September 11th, but since all kinds of humour stuff appears on the internet I like this one best so far.

It is funny to see how creative people can be:

More images can be found here:

Nice links :slight_smile:

wasn’t it september 11 ?!!:frowning:

Originally posted by Dolf Haring
wasn’t it september 11 ?!!:frowning:

Correct, my appologies
it was 9-11, in European date format that would be November 9th… (will edit it right away)

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The first link seems more like an ordinary porn site to me with some really weid pics :Z

The rest of the site might be, but that particular link isn’t (not for me, but I’ll use another link)

Call me desensitized but I find these really funny stuffs.
Keep 'em coming.

Laughter is scarce after all these bio terrorism hoaxes (and the real ones too).

Humor is the sweet taste of bitter things…

Don’t know who originally said that, but it is true.
In many cases humour is a way of dealing with things, but should be handled with care, for it might offend people easily.

I particularly like the flash song about the taliban, a parody on a well known song of someone I can’t think of the name…but I played that one several times…

you’ve got to add a little humour to the situation, or else we’ll all go crazy,

besides, it’s great that an admin started this (tax) as most of us would be flamed for doing so.


Originally posted by mr_claypole
besides, it’s great that an admin started this (tax) as most of us would be flamed for doing so.

Just wanted to add different topics to this forum, to create longer topics of conversations. We have the more serious parts of this forum (hardware and alike) and this forum where less serious topics are allowed (withing boundries of course :wink: )

And if people don’t agree with me or feel offended by what I post, I am a human just like you all (at least I hope you are human :D) and what I say is not always correct (thanks for Domi to point that out to me, that I can be wrong sometimes :p)

And Smart@$$…that quote you mentioned:

Humor is the sweet taste of bitter things.

It is from Jimmy Mac Moses

I saw some pictures and that country looks pretty bad…rubble everywhere …But the humor stuff is funny…

funny :smiley: also has a few bin laden games. One is where you shoot missiles at him as he runs by, flies by on a rug, and rides a camel at 70 mph. Pretty funny

Man fuck bin laden, If anyone saw what i saw I wouldnt care less about jokes.

Yes I agree screw bin laden, but there has to be a time when you grieve and get on. Then you must go kick his ass afterwards.
People make fun of things to help ease the pain Uptown

I know, but I actually saw both planes crash lost 2 cousins, and smell the stench everyday.

I am sorry about your loss. I cant imagine the grief or sorrow you are suffering from, I didnt see the first plane, butI did see the 2nd one live on tv. It does upset me as it does many others,
As an American citizen, I know that are many things we have to endure, Sept 11 was one of those things that are gonna be permanently etched into my mind for the rest of my life. I was very depressed (and still am) about what happened, even though I didnt lose any one that day. I have some friends and relatives who live in Manhattan, one of them was on his was way to work as a automechanic and he saw both planes.