Bin Flash question



I have a new Nec 3540 It came with stock firmware 1.01. I flashed it with L&D 1W4, now I would like to use binflash to flash it to 1.01dbs with riplock removed. My question is after I download Bin Flash assuming that is my first step, how do I get the bin file of the firmware into the BinFlash.exe. Please help me. Once I know how to use Bin Flash I will be okay. Please help.


You don’t “get it into” the binflash.exe
When you use the Flash firmware option it will allow you to browse your directories to find the appropriate BIN file.


Thank you very much. I owe you one.


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If we ever meet you got a case. I just successfully completed the flash. In case you are interested the stock firmware 1.01 of the Nec 3540 is just as fast as 1W4 with dash and + Ty media and Verbatim media. The 1W4 does have the advantage with TYG-02 at 16x but at 12x stock the difference is minimal with less errors.


Stock NEC firmware always supports well known quality media at good speeds. :slight_smile:
If you have moderate quality or lesser known media that you want to burn at higher speeds, Liggy & Dee’s patched firmware is the way to go.


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