Bin files with no cue sheet



hi,i’m a new member at myce,my problem is i was using mp3+gtoolz to convert mp3+cdg files to bin all went well until i reformated my computer. i tried reinstalling but it kept telling me there was an internal problem and could not finish installing.i tried another older version,it works but it does not create a cue sheet…can anyone please help:)


Do you just want to create a cue sheet? If so, just google a bit for “how to create a cue sheet” or you can try this program,


Convert the bin file to an iso file, burn away.



ImgBurn can write .BIN files, so probably you don’t need at all the CUE file :bigsmile:


That’s all fine except you can’t burn a BIN for an Audio CD without the CUE file :slight_smile:

Only BIN files containing a single session and single data track would work.