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Hi … I have a 2 cd game that is contained in 2 .bin files. I use ISO buster to extract no problem - I extract to 1 folder which then contains all install files from both cd1 (bin file 1) and cd2 (bin file 2) … I run setup and it gets to 65 percent and asks to insert disk number one, not getting the gist that all disc1 files are in the folder its installing from. Alas I canny install or browse to force it to look into its own folder from the install.

SO … I thought that I should write these bin files to 2 cd’s thus having 2 cds for the install to work from (physicaly having to insert cd1 into a cdr should sort out the “insert disc 1” problem). Although ive never backed up bin files, I have nero 6 and also blindwrite but they all say the .cue files for the bin files are corrupt with a line1 error.

So … can I convert the bin files into .img files so I can then burn & use blindwrite to mount the images (as this also will sort out the insert disc1 problem). Also the disc 1 bin file is 800 meg after extraction so I cant extract and then install onto cdr … can someone give me some pointers of ways to sort this out please, plus what software may convert the bin files to .img … (if this is possible).

Cheers for any feedback & top tips :slight_smile:

Just use a program like your ISO Buster to convert the IMG file to a BIN file. There certainly is one of these programs that can read\open\extract from CD image files that’ll just convert one to another. I can’t remember which one it is though, but I’ve used it in the past. It might be UltraISO…

Try here:

you can create your own cue files for the bin files. format is as below:

File “filename.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

also, you might try installing daemon tools. create 2 virtual drives, load a bin file into each virtual drive then run the setup.

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Mushtaq Khan


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Mushtaq, we can’t help you acquire BIN files of TV programs, because of the copyright issues. Please don’t ask again.

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