Bin file?

I got a bin file that I need to umm change to something I can watch :|. Any suggestions? I have Nero7 and VCDGear but clueless as what to do with either of them for this situation. Thanks in advance.


Fire up the roman emperor, select the image to disc option and hover that bin file as the selected file.

Fire up the who? :expressionless:

ROTFL… Nero cutie… start up Nero… :slight_smile:

Haha, sorry, I was suppose to be blonde I think. I am gonna try it out now, will let ya know if(when) I run into more troubles.

Ok, already I am running into trouble, sorry :expressionless:

Put a CD in the drive not a DVD.

Guess that was pretty much self explanatory. I reckon I was hoping for a way around it. Thanks. I am going to dye my hair blonde now.

Good, then post a pic. :smiley:

Haha, if I dyed my hair blonde, I think my bf would kill me :|. He says he hates blondes, I am assumung cause his ex wife is one.

Yeah, that sounds “reasonable”. :smiley:

Well, I’ll also say I once dyed my hair blonde many moons ago, it was not pretty.

Then just leave it as you like!

That is the best choice. :wink:

Yes, I agree. I like being a brunette.


I just looked under my bed, you were not there. :smiley:

Hrrrm, I am there. Maybe you should crawl under there and have another look.

Yeah, but I have to stop in this thread or I’ll get sin-binned…

Ok, sorry again. It finished whatever it was doing but I still can’t view it with windows media player :sad:

The [U]best[/U] instructions I ever saw. :bigsmile:

Works great for me. :flower:

Nevermind, I used VCDGear to change it to mpg and can now view it with wmp, yay.