.bin file to burn.....Big Question

Hi !
I have a question to ask you :
I have a .bin file with a size of 742 mb and I don’t understand how you can put that on a single cd… I saw in your forum that you can burn a file over 700 mb with nero but I am new in this and my english is not too good. I have a hp cdwriter 9100 serie
could somebody try to explain that to me ?
thanks a lot

A bin file is a raw image that is about 19% larger than the space it will occupy when burnt to a cd. A 742mb bin file will fit onto a 700mb cd with ease when burnt as an image.

what is on the bin file?
when it is a complete audiocd or a (s)vcd it will sure fit because of the less errorcorrection of the format

You’ll need the cue file.

it’s a game (nhl 2003) that we got on direct connect but it is the first time that I see a file this big to put on one single cd…that’s why I am asking… is ther any cd bigger than 700 mb to burn ?


you dont need the cue, but i will help you no further, as you acknowledge pirating the game

I’ll be nice. You either need to get the CUE file, then burn like with BurnAtOnce, a free program, or like Nero. Or you can convert it to an ISO, tons of that kind of program floating around. Try searching on Google. But I suggest the CUE method.

Originally posted by mikerev
it’s a game (nhl 2003) that we got on direct connect

Doubt you have the original and thus I consider this illegal until you can prove me otherwise.
Please respect our rules, they are there for a reason.