.bin file question

What do I do If my .bin file is over 700 MB, (i cant burn it to cd). I used to know how to do this stuff, but I’ve forgotten. Can anyone tell me what to do. I’ve got a game, a .bin file and also when i mount the image on Daemon tools it doesnt do anything. Can anyone please help?

how big is it?

972 Mb

Ouch, that’s big. What game is it and have you tried remaking the image file in Alcohol?

I have alcohol 120, but how do I remake it? Also, its FIFA 2005

Burn it to an HD-CD or a DVDR or just use Alcohol 120’s emu drive that’s all, no big deal if it’s a PC app.

So I can burn it onto a DVR though?

Also though, when I try to use emulation in Alc. 120, its says “Windows cannot read this format” and stuff when I try to open it.

I now have the .cue file for the game, how can I use these?

Please create new images from your original cd’s.

It looks as if the images you have “made” are not correct.