Bin file help needed

I have 2 bin files on my pc that i want to burn to disk in nero , i choose burn image but it dosnt work when its finished, anyone know how to fix it? Its 2 movie files from my camcorder from my holls, ive managed to convert them to bin files but cant get any further.

Thanks In Advance


you can burn the cue/bin file with Burnatonce.

It is free.
if i am correct it also reports if the bin files are corrupt.


ps…thanx for changing your post


You could try mounting the .cue file in a virutal drive like Daemon Tools to see if the cue/bin files are valid, if not then the problem may not be with Nero but the way in which you got them into the bin format in the first place.

If the files you download from the CamCorder are mpegs you could always use Nero to convert them into DVD-Video or [S]VCD directly, missing out the bin phase altogether.

Sorted cheers