Bin File GS08 for Lite-on LDW-851S Needed

Could someone please send me the bin GS08 file for the Lite-on LDW-851S Drive. I need to back flash, so I need the bin file. Thanks.
Send it to or

Just added it:

It’s on the Firmware Collection page.

Thanks alot dhc014.


I was able to flash back with the bin file that you posted. But, I had a question. Could I still use the original firmware from Liteon’s website? Once, I flashed back with the bin file you posted, I tried to use the official firmware executable from liteon’s website and it does not recognize my drive. It shows up as 0-1-0-0, but it does not show the name of the drive or the current firmware. Will I be able to use future official liteon firmware upgrades? Thanks for your help.