.bin file converted to .iso burned and just gives files

Hi all,

I am really trying to get this down. I downloaded a movie from the net and it was a .bin/.cue file. I have magiciso (new at it) and bin2iso (I got today) and thought I could convert the .bin file to .iso so I could burn it on a dvd+r. I don’t want to put it on cd unless I have to. I did burn it after I converted it and I get these folders on the DVD … ext; mpegav; segment; and vcd folders. I don’t know what to do. I thought I could just convert and play the dvd but obviously this is wrong. Can anyone help? The .bin file is 778mb itself.

If it’s a bin file then it’ll be a CD image and the video will be either VCD or SVCD and as you realise you can’t just burn that to a DVD, which you’ve wasted.

Personally I’d just burn a CD if your DVD player will play VCD or SVCD.

Thanks… I figured it out. Just opened nero and clicked on burn image and pointed it to the .cue file. Works great!