Bin Cue to DVD using VCDgear ERRORS

I just downloaded VCDGear to burn a bin/cue to VCD. I get several errors (too many to list but all similar to the following)…

‘access violation at address 0052D687 in modual “vcdgear.exe”. Read 00000164’

This continues until I kill the program with Winpatrol.

I’ve tried 3 different versions… the newest, the beta, and the one previous to the newest and I get the same result with all 3.

Any suggestions, or are there other methods to burn Bin Cue to VCD?



What is VCDGear? Does it have something to do with Nero, which is the forum you are in?

Are you trying to burn to a CD or a DVD as the thread title & the post are very confusing.

A VCD is a CD format & can really only be burned to CD, which is why you’ve got a bin/cue for it.

Nero should do it OK , which you may or may not have.