Bin Cue Files

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Have a cue/bin file in Shareaza programme and it wont play??

I have SonicRecordNow! how do I get it to burn on CD and play in my dvd player???

Thanks for help

If it’s a cue it won’t play if it’s a bin then it will be played by using daemon tools.

If you have only bin (or a bin and cue) you can burn it with Nero!

It should be noted that even if you do manage to burn a working copy to disc it may not work in your DVD Player.

Just get Imgburn , which is free & one of the best image burning apps around, & open the cue file with it , insert a CD & burn.

Unfortunately ImgBurn does not support CUE files (yet)… :wink:

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Nero will burn it.

Yes you’re correct, so it’s just a case of opening the bin file & burning it.

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but I only have Sonic RecordNow and cant move file from shareaza???

any ideas???


Imgburn is free and easy to find so this should not stop you.

Don’t understand the “cant move file from shareaza” comment.

In Shareaza when I press Open/play nothing happens- and when I right click on it dont know what to press next.

Have down loaded ImgBurn now


Opened Bin file in ImgBurn- and it says not recognised image then carried on and does not play in dvd player??

Just what is this disk image supposed to be? What did you think you were downloading?

its a movie- downloaded Cue and Bin file together.

Presumably your DVD player plays both VCD & SVCD. Earlier ones were VCD only & this could be the problem.
The other problem is that the movie could be KVCD which might also be a problem.

Can you remember whether any of these formats were mention on the download?

What you could try & do is mount the image on a virtual drive, a good free one is Daemon Tools. Then with Explorer look at the folders & you should see something like this:-

Within the MPEG2 folder you’ll see a single file you could try playing this with media player or VideoLan VLC.

I’ve just tried Imgburning a bin file of an SVCD movie that I’ve made - what we do to try & help - and Imgburn recognised it quite happily & burned it & it plays on my DVD player. All this is as I would have expected.

As in your case Imgburn didn’t recognise it I’m suspecting that there is something wrong with the bin file & that you’ll never be able to play it.

Try what I’ve said about mount on a virtual drive. I’m suspecting that this software won’t be able to mount it but we’ll see.

The cue is instructions for wqriting the bin. Open Nero burning ROM–>Recorder—>Burn image. Point it to the folder where your files are and choose all types for file type. Double click on the cue and burn.

If it doesn’t recognise it you will need to edit the cue as both must match. To edit the cue right click—>open with and choose notepad, but do not allow it to assign it as always notepad. In the text you will see “name.bin” change the part I have called “name” so it matches exactly what the bin is called and click save then try nero again.

You can easily create an CUE file or just burn the BIN with an suitable software like Nero…

@JayC30 & chef

He doesn’t have Nero hence the Imgburn approach.

Or someone could just get a modded XBOX and play the raw bin file via XBMC. :wink: Seriously though if you don’t mind watching the file on your PC for now, you can just get VLC media player This way you can at least test the file out and see if it works. It will play raw .bin files.

Tim Nero is easily available and usually on the cover of PC magazines regularly, so getting it is not a problem and would solve the problem. The question was how does he get it to burn and it has been answered, he needs different software.