Bin Cue files to dvd

I have read a few threads about this but still can’t totally say i follow the advice. What i want to do is say i have a bin and cue file of a movie and i want to put it onto a dvd-r disk so i can watch it on your average dvd player. What is the easiest way to do this. I have dvd santa software which converts avi mpeg to dvd in under 2 hours and also another couple of bits of software but i notice most threads give different software advice. Could someone give me the easiest way pos not to loose any quality mind you. Thanks for any info. be gentle with my mind i am after all just a newbie.

AFAIK, bin/cue files can only be burned to CD. what you can try to do is load up the cue file in NERO and burn it to an ISO image (not an actual CD) OR mount the cue file in a virtual drive using something like Daemon Tools. once you have that ISO mounted (which is most likely an (S)VCD) you’ll have to convert that to a DVD compliant format using this guide:

here are many more guides that may be of help:

good luck and sorry i can’t explain more in depth at the moment.

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If you haven’t tried it already there is a program called VCDgear that can
convert the svcd/vcd bin_cue files to mpeg. Then you could probably use DVDSanta to convert to DVD compliant files.

Yes this is what i do all the time simple to use just select bin\cue to mpeg (it only takes a few minutes if that) then use TMPGEnc or DVDsanta to encode…
If there are 2 bin\cue files join them in tmpgenc tools after you have changed them with vcdgear…