Bin/cue file too big to burn



I downloaded a torrent file, it is in bin/cue format… Normally i would simply burn the bin/cue file using either Alchohol or nero… but this file is 966Mb and both Alchohol and nero complain about it being to large for a cd.

Now i dont know if its possible to burn it to a DVD… i have never done that… So is there a way for me to burn this bin file…

Also when i go to burn the file using the cue file, i get an error message in Alchohol saying its the wrong format… so i checked the cue file and its 0 bytes (empty)…

any help solving this will be greatly appreciated… :slight_smile:


Get ImgBurn & burn it to a DVD with that. If it’s the wrong format it’ll convert it on the fly.


Alcohol and CD Freaks does not support or condone the illegal duplication of software. I’d expect this thread to be closed soon.