Bin/cue file not read?

I opened my bin/cue file with Nero and it says it can’t find .bin and can’t read the .cue. What is wrong?

What did you use to create it?
Or in case you (legally) downloaded it, what is it?

Try opening the .cue file in Notepad and see if there is a reference to the .bin file in a particular directory (the .cue file contains information about the .bin file, if it points to a non-existing directory, it cannot load the .bin file and give an error)

Now, it can read it, but it won’t let me burn it to DVD, it only says CD. Can I just put the DVD in and burn it?

Bin/cue is a cd image format.

Is there any way i can put it on a DVD?

Burn to the DvD as data.

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Would it work the same?

No , not too likely.

Why not burn it to a CD?

If you must burn to a DVD then use ImgBurn as this will convert CD image format to DVD image format (something to do with blocksizes) & will work.

This all depends on what your bin and cue are. And is it a legit backup?


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It is a movie that a person wants me to convert to DVD. It was on VCD.

That doesn’t work.

No it wouldn’t now we know what it is.

What you’ve got to do is extract the mpeg file from it, convert that to DVD Movie format & then burn it as a DVD movie.

Never done that because it’s a total waste of my time for 2 reasons.

  1. The quality of VCDs is typically quite poor & can’t be improved.
  2. My DVD player & almost every DVD player will play a VCD disk perfectly well.

Thanks, I did that.