Bin/Cue+BWA , Does it work?

Instead of a BWI/BWT+BWA, can Blindwrite also Burn Bin/Cue+BWA sucessfully? Just wondering If i have to reread some CDs i already read as clonecd+cue.

Or is a BWA ignored when burning BIN/CUE ?


Since noone answered i decided to use twinpeaks and CloneCD and the resulting CDs work perfect, much better than any previous copy of SecureROM Ultranew i had made with Blindwrite so far. No CRC errors during install, so no extra CD for Install needed. And games run and install from all my drives not just the burner. They actually work better in the shitty Artec DVD than in the Liteon Burner, where as Blindwrite copies wouldt run or install from the DVD.

yes, bwa+cue-bin and bwa+.iso works perfect with blindwrite for me