Bin burning question

Alcohol or Blindwrite?

Just wondering which of these programs is best at burning plain old .bin files. Guess it all comes down to which has the best writing engine. Is there any difference quality wise at all?

Just wondering, but there might be someone outhere who knows (or thinks he/she does :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Alcohol 120% does a bang up job. I burn bin/cue files all the time with it. No problems at all.

Only one reply so far? Come on guys, I know most of you passionately prefer one program over another. So what gives?

Errr, passion over software. Oh really. :rolleyes:

Personally, I prefer either fireburner or burnatonce for bin/cue burning.

However, of the two proggies mentioned, I definitely prefer alcohol since recent versions of blindwrite seem to struggle to burn readable cds on my system. Alcohol, on the other hand works flawlessly for me.