Bin and Cue to DVD

I have found lots of info on how to burn these files to a CD R but I have a movie, for example, that I want on a DVD R disc because of the size. How do I burn cue and bin files to DVD with Nero 6.6?


Below are instructions I had for burning a bin and cue file using Nero. The names of the files are obviosuly different but the principle is the same I think. I am not sure if all the steps are standard or were specific to the application I was doing. Hope this helps.

Start Nero.Use the wizard to make Data CD.When the browser loads, find your 2 downloaded files 1010 bin &1010 cue.Drag and drop 1010 bin to the ISO 1 new column.The bin file is the only file you need. Click on file, from the dropdown menu click burn image, change the default nero img file to (all files) you should now be showing 2 files 1010 bin & 1010. Highlight the 1010 bin file & open. A new window opens saying foreign image settings Data mode 1, (make sure RAW DATA is ticked its important) and block size 2352 is displayed .
Click ok, another new window, click BURN, When its burnt turn off Nero

Oops sorry - just reread your post - I don’t know how to do this to DVD sorry.

I’ll probably be told off about this but the easiest/cheapest way to burn a bin/cue to DVD is by using DVD Decrypter (
The structure of a bin file is compatible only with CDs. To burn to DVD it needs reformatting. DVD Decrypter will do this automatically for you.

Having said all that if the bin is a movie then I guess it would be either VCD or SVCD. I don’t know whether a DVD player would play it as it’s on a DVD…

What is the size of the bin file? A bin file of 800mb will burn on to a 700mb CD if thats your concern.

Just use vcdgear to convert to mpeg (it will only take a few minutes at most)
Then use TMPGEnc and TMPGEnc DVD author as usual

heya - i was trying to find info on how to do it too but couldn’t find anything that was clear or fast enough, so i ended up doing a combo of things. first was to mount the .cue file in daemon tools, then i opened up nero smartstart and selected ‘make movie dvd’, then clicked on add video file, browsed to the MPEGAV folder on the virtual drive (the drive with the mounted .cue file), and selected the AVQ298.dat file. nero then dropped it on my desktop and i went about burning it as per normal and everything seems to have worked fine. it took no longer than usual! hope this helps someone, grrlie