Billy Madison DVD



I tried to copy the Billy Madison DVD and Clone DVD says it can’t find the Video_ts file. I have made copys of a lot of DVD’s and this being an older one thought for sure it would have no problem. Any one else have this problem? Thanks


Are you reading it from the disc or ur hd. If you didnt rip it to ur hd, try ripping it and then re-run clone dvd and c if ther problem is still there.


I tried to rip it first and it said the same thing so I inserted the DVD, ANYDVD then disabled the copy protection then I just did an exact copy with Record Now and it works great. Thanks for your reply!


In general if the disc is a DVD-5 (single layer), you can just pick “copy” with any program (Nero, Rixio, RecordNow) and if AnyDVD runs in the background, you’re all set. One step.