Billboard Music Chart of DVD Burners

Greetings freaks,

Was just wondering if there would ever be any consideration for a kind of top 10 list of current DVD Burners on the market. The #1 question I get about DVD Burning is “Which one should I Buy”. I would love to refer them directly to for the answer, but the fact is, its not that easy to find. From what I’ve been able to tell, you can either read through a ton of reviews and determine for yourself which would be the best, or you can search for some miscellaneous polls on the topic. Just a thought, be gentle, I’m a little buzzed from all the Dr. Pepper…


Ben Sullins

Unfortunately reading multiple reviews and comments really is the only way to be certain of getting the best burner for your needs, creating a top 10 would have to be based upon a burners all round skills, so it might just be a burner that is ‘ok’ at everything but nothing special that reaches number 1, i use -R i have a liteon for scanning and have an AOpen AAP/Pro for ripping so pioneer although not so fast at ripping ok at +R and crap for scanning (at the moment atleast) is perfect for me because it happens to be (arguably) the best -R burner going, there is a chart somewhere telling you different brands strongpoints and weaker points i reckon this is sufficient for the casual user to pick out a few burners then go and do some research on them.