Bill targets data-based Internet pricing

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In the wake of Time Warner Cable’s botched attempt to test tiered internet pricing, a freshman U.S. lawmaker has introduced a bill to make these plans harder to implement.

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We need something like this in Australia too

Time-Warner subscribers up, revenues up, costs down. “For instance, Time Warner Cable pulled in over $1 billion in revenues from broadband subscribers in the first quarter this year, while spending less than $35 million to transport the bytes.”

Yeah, these guys really need some ways to make more money. For God’s sake they’ve already got tiered pricing: Do you want 1M, 3M, 7M, 15MB? Ooops, we never thought you would use all that bandwidth and, you know, with the billions we’re losing due to you using all that bandwith 24/7 to torrent all our Warner Bros music, movies and tv shows, we gotta make it up somehow.

I say let em introduce tiered pricing but put a 90% windfall profits take on em at the same time. Somebody gotta pay for the bailout!

Pricing should always be up front. For instance, if you want $150 internet then you chose that plan. This isn’t like a phone line where you connect to other lines thousands of miles away and have 911 service.
Pretty soon there is going to be services that will require much more bandwidth and I’m telling you right now unless they change DSL, get it and do not fall for the cable bundles! SBC Yahoo has NEVER limited my bandwidth and never complained about uploading, downloading. I have usenet going, anothe PC has streaming video, my son can play games online. On a supposedly “superrior” cable connection, if two play world of warcraft, nobody can do anything else. And they spy on you, taking more resources!