Bill oreilly slams tom cruise in interview with bab's walters

Brother BILL took a cheap shot at TOM CRUISE while
interviewing BAB’S WALTERS on her up coming special.
Is TOM going to become his new enemy?

Yea well Tom is a few can’s short of a six pack.

If you want to waste ten minutes of your life then watch this: Something about his eyes in this video is quite disturbing to me.

Maybe has has a Thetan possessing him. Where’s Xenu when you need him. Nothing a couple of 100,000 dollars on a E-meter that can’t be fixed.

I guess you guy’s are not fans of scientology. Having
read some of L.RON HUBBARDS book. Some of what he says
make’s a lot of sense. However myself I don’t agree with
him. You can acheive your same place in huimanity
through your own beliefs.