Bill introduced into Congress to amend the DMCA

I just posted the article Bill introduced into Congress to amend the DMCA.


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and it’s about time too! we all know how bad this bill is, having been brought in, as so many other bills and laws are, simply to please the USA entertainment industries, without proper thought and consideration to anything or anyone else or the side effects. those industries are going to be screaming blue murder, how their industry will be dead in 6 weeks time, millions out of work, etc. those industries have dictated how people can do what with items they have legally bought and that is WRONG!!! this bill needs to sail through with no opposition and then another one introduced that goes even further. the high power, high level members of the industries wouldn’t like it, in fact would take no notice of, any restrictions placed on them for the use of or resale of any item they bought. why should others be forced to do what they themselves would never do?

I will believe this when pigs fly…

I think it might happen because it really isn’t much of an alteration.
My concern is once opened it might go the other way for a lot more things.
Making the law stricter & worse.

I’ll vote with the PIGS FLY comment. Special Interests wrote, bought and paid for this current bill. When Congress shows any successful behavior that opposes the highest bribe payment, then I’ll turn my eyes skyward to see if bacon can be flown in.

This Bill has been voted and amended and voted again and never enforced , its almost like they don’t have anything better to do here.

Well, that’s sad news. Last Thanksgiving and Christmas, we had a total of 10 hog-halves brought in for our luau’s. I guess, thanks to Congress, we’ll still be wasting precious fossil fuels to bring in our farm’s luau offerings. Darn.

Now, did the Great WKRP Experiment prove that turkeys could fly, or not?

I think this bill could pass. Really, it depends on how hard those of us who live in America try to get our voices heard, and convince congress to vote yes on these changes. If we, as a nation, can be louder than the entertainment industry, perhaps we can make congress realize just how bad these anti-DRM laws can be.