Bill Gates shows some sympathy with DRM nightmare

I just posted the article Bill Gates shows some sympathy with DRM nightmare..

Over on TechCrunch, you can read a brief summary of an hour-long Q&A session with Bill Gates and a few hand-picked web journalists; and where apparently any questions could be asked. Of course…

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What a dipstick, he was one of the ones that wanted it.

I just dl a song from paid with my CC and it will not play on Win Media player! It trys to dl the license from which I can not log on to! Total bull! Customer Service said I have to wait about 5 days before I can play it! CRAP! :frowning: JohnnyJT

DRM chaos is good. The uglier it gets, the more the chance that the average consumer will take note of it and demand change.

Please do not buy DRM crap! Bill Gates is not our friend- the lack of money changing hands is. If Gates had developed iTunes and the iPod, he would not have made the same comments. This is the dip stick that tried to create yet ANOTHER DRM with Zune. BTW did you know that if you load anMP3 on a Zune…that it hobbles it with Windows DRM. LOOL

The only DVD’s I have problems with on my MCPC are legit ones. The ones I DL work fine. Whats that teaching people?

Bill Gates has no choice when it comes to adopting DRM. As a tech guy, he sees the ramifications of such infringing technology but is tied down by Microsoft’s need to comply with industry changes.

I agree somewhat BitRate…but he DOES have choices. In other words, he could have made the Zune a plays for sure device, so people could use their present “collections” that supported that DRM. No, he chose to creater yet another DRM so he could try and create a brand loyalty for the Zune, much as Apple has done with the iPod. He is embracing the DRM not shunning it…