Bill Gates gives UCI $1.7m to study the poor people

Billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates, who gave UC Irvine $19.7 million in 2006 to try to curb the spread of Dengue fever, have donated an additional $1.7 million to create an institute for the study of how poor people use and store money.

This is about a stupid thing I have read in years.

I cannot understand why anyone would give 1.7 to study poor people I can tell you there problem they do not have any money to store.

You really go to read this article.

Perhaps they should donate $ 15.31 million to a study of why rich people donate money to stoopid studies?

I know where they can send that money. :smiley:

This is the stupidist misuse of money I have ever heard of
[except for grant’s to study maiting habit’s of snails.].
Why doesn’t GATES if he really wants to help people
donate some of those billions to the feds to help us
bail out wall street instead. The reason I am saying this
is economic collapse raises taxes on people especially
the poor for goods and services.

You guys are missing the point. It is all about making more money, not about poor people at all.

[B]“Later on, we’ll be looking to see if people can use new technology to save and transfer wealth in ways that are safe.”[/B]

Middle and upper class has gadgets already.

You may be right,but looking at GATES background
[and the famous mug shot for speeding that’s been
circulating for a few years over the net] He of all
people should know better.