Bill Gates does not believe in a long future for the DVD Player

I just posted the article Bill Gates does not believe in a long future for the DVD Player.

  German website reports that Bill Gates has stated that he 

thinks that the DVD player will no longer be used within 10 years. Bill Gates
has said this in an interview with the…

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This future will only work with MS products, just like now you get the T2 extreme DVD and it only plays on WM9.

And, of course, you’ll have to pay for it every time you want to use it. And I know I want to watch a feature film on a pocket PC :r But then again, wasn’t it 'ol Billy Boy that once stated that no one would need more than 640k of RAM in a computer? Yes Sir! I think it was. :g

What Bill does or doesn’t believe is quite irrelavent. Since when is he the great technoloprophet? Ten years from now there probably won’t be DVD, but Bill isn’t brilliant to point this out. A whole decade of advancement, at the accelerating rate we are seeing now… All I have for Bill is a big fat “DUH!”

Bill doesn’t travel by sea cos he thinks once the ship reaches the edge it will fall off. MichaelAngelo and Gallileo were men of great vision, way and beyond their time. They must spin in their graves everytime this wanker opens his mouth. An orator or visionary he is not, a thief mebbe??..:X

Billy G. thinks everybody will be running Microsoft Home Media Server 2014 ™ to hold all of there Movies/Music.

He is saying the end of owning and you will just download what you want when you want and you will be charged what they want to charge you, and every time you pause the movie, rewind and re-watch a part some machine somewhere will track your every move and make a report on you and how you watch movies. That is what Tivo does now (I own a Tivo but don’t like the tracking) The book 1984 underestimated what is coming to control people…

:slight_smile: aaaah books :):):slight_smile: Perhaps entertainment via the good 'ol book shall be the future. Track my reading habits… lol O credit card you say?? … none here, thank you

what’s truly sad is that there are poeple that hang on every word uttered from Bill’s mouth.

I wouldn’t worry too much folks…ultimately it’s Joe Public that decide these things. So if no one wants Billy Boys ideas, then it’ll disappear down the toilet like the tablet PC. Woo hoo! Slipped up on that one Billy Boy Twat Gates…remember the debarcle that was DiVX…hmmm that’ll be nice, pay for a movie every time a want to watch it? Screw that… It may well be that at some point in the future everything becomes hard drive or solid state (more likely) based. But I think that’s a while off yet. It may also be that movies are delivered to you digitally over a phone line, wireless connection or Satellite link. However I’m quite sure that unless it’s a buy it once and that’s it scenario, i.e. you can record it to a digital disc or some other media, then the movie co.s can forget it. Joe Public’s fleeced quite enough as it is without being fleeced by you!

People want to have a physical representation of what they own, such as a title for their car. I doubt this prediction by the semi-autistic visionary would be true in less than 10 years. CD’s have been around since the mid 80’s and they’re still kicking.

Well, it is doubtful his prediction is correct, as what he suggests will certainly not be free…and speaking personally, I want my own private library of movies. What he suggests will not provide this, but instead make it so you do not own what you view. You’ll have to pay, even if you’ve paid before for the same movie. I see Movies and music being on small chips. Future movies and music will play on units with no moving parts! J.T.