Bigmike7 had a Birthday 13 Dec year?

I know you been away but dont think we forget :kiss::flower:

How about a new Photo (last 1 was Birthday with Police Car)

Hope you had a Great thong filled DAY :bigsmile:

Happy Birthday bigmike7, I wish you the best.:iagree::clap:

Happy Birthday bigmike :clap::clap::clap:

He was away on a trip for his B’day to Brazil…and i’m sure he saw lots and lots of thong clad womenz…:wink:
Happy Belated B’day !

Happy Birthday Big guy

13 on the 13th! Congrats Big Mike :wink:

Happy birthday bigmike! All the best!

Belated thong… ehm birthday :bigsmile:

Happy belated birthday, Big Mike! :flower:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lots of hugs

Happy Birthday, m’ bud! And many more to ya! :slight_smile:


Geeze - what a wonderful surprise-eh!!!

Thank you very much-


Happy Birthday Mikey! And by the way, the fire department told me to tell you, “NO Candles next year!”