Biggest waste of 3 $?

random question, whats the biggest waste of 3 $ that the forum users can remember? me, personally, i bought a 3 dollar hot dog at a baseball game (i was hungry), turned around, and dropped it on the ground. i woulda been ok, cept the parents wouldnt let me eat it. gooodbyeeeee 3 dollars ! damnit

A cd-rom called " Shareware Top 40 " only to find out i already had all those programs.

(This was in the time of BBS and before internet and www became as popular as it now is)

mine would have to be 10x memorex cd-rw’s.
they’re actually coasters before you burn the damn things.

can you buy stuff for $3?? were…tell me…lol

wouldn,t get didley squat for that here in england…
Might get a 3 pack of out of date condoms with holes in…:smiley:


1 litre soda at Paramount Great America (California). 3$!!!

Three bucks for a hot dog, what bullshit…

A real dutchman does not waste money…
so I cant remember… or I will not remember. or I cant remember because I never have waste money.

one thing I can remember. That is that I went to McDonalds and bought something. That was waste because I could go home and make same stuff but for free…
that is it. Buy something by McDonalds. That is waste.


making stuff at home is not free, it is +/- $3

A die hard dutchman would stand in front of the window of a restaurant … drool over the nice food on the several tables… and satisfies his thirst with that drool

Buying something from McDonalds or Krystals…Nasty ass food.


Originally posted by damiandimitri

making stuff at home is not free, it is +/- $3 [/B]

not totally true, because my dad pays that food. not me… so it is free for me…


yes you must be dutch…like me

The worst three dollars i spent were spent on a laser pointer. Only when I got home did I realize that the batteries needed for the thing, were only available in Europe.

I got some popcorn at the movies for $3. That’s a waste.