Biggest/smallest movies I've backup up

In the past week, I’ve run across the biggest and the smallest movies (in file size) that I’ve seen since using DVD2One. The smallest was “Wrongfully Accused” with Leslie Nielsen. It is a 90 minute movie, but took up only 2.5 GB (movie only) on the original dvd. There was blockiness in the original, and I was just wondering why a movie company would put out something with such a low bitrate.

I backed up “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” this week, too, which is a 154 minute movie, and it took up over 8 GB on the original dvd. DVD2One compressed it to 4.3 GB, and the quality is amazing - I can’t tell any loss in quality at all.

I’m really not sure what my smallest was since I tend to do a DVD Decrypter image backup on anything lower than 4.3 GB. Mad (to the 4th power) probably was my largest as well. It is truly amazing the quality that came out of it after DVD2One got through with it especially since a lot of that movie involved action scenes.