Bigger Badder Deal

I have a bit of loose cash and wanted a desktop machine. NewEgg has these two AMD systems as bundle deals:
A Quad Core for $289.99
and a Six Core for $449.99. Which would you get? (if neither, suggest me something else in that price range)…I don’t game, but I do encode…These two are only bundled until Tuesday March 15 so vote quickly!

First off, you should take a look at Tom’s CPU charts and see some direct comparisons between the 640 and 1055 CPUs :,112.html
The two video transcoding benchmarks are probably the most relevant to you.
Here is also a side by side comparison of all the benchmarks for those two chips:,2424.html?prod[4438]=on&prod[4446]=on

How much are you really encoding and will it be the only think the computer is used for? the 1055 will consume considerably more electricity if the computer is left on 24/7 and if you are only encoding one video every other day, the added speed may not be worth it in the long run.

One last thing to consider is while these combo deals are tempting, they usually come with cheap parts. The 6-core system overall has better components such as the antec case, antec power supply, and Asus mobo. That alone may be worth the extra money. If you look at the pictures of the case with PSU on the quad core combo, it has a 115-230V red switch which usually means that the PSU is a lower end unit.

Your priorities are possibly different to mine but in my view a bit extra spent on the processor goes a long way.

I do a lot of video encoding and never regret going for a more powerful CPU.

I’m not familiar with US prices so I can’t advise you on a value for money basis but if you’re using it for video encoding then you’ll make good use of those extra cores.